"canceling plans to read is ok. skipping a party for the gym is ok. staying home to cook is ok. lets encourage it & respect self improvement."

This is the message tweeted out by a very popular parody account @ChanceFromThe79th, and it's successfully fooled many people into mistaking it for the real Chance. As of posting, the tweet has earned 268,000 RTs and 716,000 likes, making it a bigger hit than Chance's own most popular tweet.


As it turns out, the wholesome tweet from @ChanceFromThe79th is so on-brand that Chance couldn't help but voice his approval for it on Twitter. "I hereby Formally endorse this fake page," he wrote, giving the tweet yet another boost in stats.


Complex recently interviewed Danny Diaz, the 17-year-old kid behind the parody account, who said he also manages fake Khalid and Logic pages. According to Diaz, his approach to imitating Chance is simple. "I just try to tweet good vibes and kind of what Chance would tweet, you know? That does well," he said. The tweet resulted in 20,000 new followers, and Diaz' network of accounts are earning him somewhere in the mid-5 figure range yearly -- though the Chance page is currently just in the growth stage. As for why he'd choose Chance for such a project, Diaz said it's "Because I’m a fan of Chance and, I don’t know, I just wanted to have an account of him."

As of posting, @ChanceFrom79th currently has 66.7k Twitter followers. The motivational tweets have continued to pour out since the endorsement, as well as one that acknowledged Chance's cosign with a gif of the rapper at the Grammys.


In recent Chance Twitter news, the Chicago rapper hinted at a collaboration with Bruno Mars back in August, responding to Mars' suggestion that he'd like to work together.