Chance the Rapper is reaching out to the youth of Chicago, and in turn, he's educating the world. The young rapper dropped off a new video, where he dives into the political systems surrounding Alderman elections. Don't know what an Alderman is? Neither did I, prior to watching the video. Earlier this year, Chance acquired Chicagoist magazine and he uses the title as the television station for his journalistic endeavor.

In the segment, entitled "Chicagoist TV Exclusive : Elderly Aldermen," Chance plays Champ Bennett. Bennett is a somewhat disheveled, yet sharp reporter who speaks with young politicians and Chicago residents on the street. "Chicagoist TV investigates the Chicago Aldermanic system," the description below the video reads. "Champ Bennett reports on what an alderman actually does, what it takes to become one and the obstacles that prevent young people from running for office." Hannibal Buress and some hand puppets guest star to help Chance educate the youth with a flair of humor. The young aspiring politicians interviewed in the video reveal the difficulties that they face when going up against the Elderly Aldermans that sit on big bank and use deceptive ways to keep opponents off the ballot. Elections are coming in Chicago this February, educate yourself!