Chance The Rapper has been known to come through with the occasional good deed, especially where his hometown of Chicago is concerned. The rapper has previously donated his Grammy award to a Chicago museum, stepped in the allegedly `save Soundcloud," and even got involved with some of the ongoing political movements. Hell, Chance even walked away with the Humanitarian award at the 2017 BET awards.

It's no wonder that Chance, real name Chancelor Bennett, has continued the trend with his latest gesture. The Chicago Sun Times reports that the Grammy winner recently rode through Chicago's Bud Bilikin parade, which is essentially held to welcome children back to school for the new year. Sitting atop a white convertible, Chance and his team handed out some backpacks to children who watched from the parade sidelines.

Overall, the rapper handed out over thirty-thousand backpacks throughout the day, which left both children and parents feeling thrilled and appreciated. "It means a lot to the kids, those who can't receive things for going back to school, it helps them out a lot" said one emotional parent. To top it off, each one of the backpacks was stuffed with school supplies.

Chance has been putting in work to help Chicago public schools, previously donating one million dollars to the cause. Apparently, Chance told WLS-TV that he wanted to "make sure everything is a little easier" for students, parents, and teachers. Whether or not you love his music, it's clear that Chance is intent on making the community a better place.

After the parade, Chance capped things off with a free concert. Give the man some well deserved respect.