Chance The Rapper, DaBaby & MadeinTYO Drop Off "Hot Shower" Visuals

Mitch Findlay
October 28, 2019 12:52

Chance The Rapper drops off some amusing "Big Day" visuals.

Though Chance The Rapper's The Big Day album has been maligned to exaggerated proportions, many fans have warmed up to some of the album's highlights. One such track includes "Hot Shower," an amusing track that thrives without taking itself seriously in the slightest; Chance's delivery is particularly noteworthy, witty bars with a lackadaisical swagger. Naturally, it's only right that the Reel Goats-directed visuals mirror the track's playful energy. Before long, Chano is holding it down as an exercise class teacher while moonlighting at a juice bar. Don't let his undying love for his wife fool you; the man isn't afraid to insert an abundance of twerking in his clips.

DaBaby, no stranger to the goofier clips, feels right at home in "Hot Shower." Taking to a courtroom, DaBaby charms his way through the jury, busts out a McLovin ID, and causes a general ruckus amidst the proceedings. Even if you aren't into Chano's most recent project, you might find something to appreciate within this well-crafted and charisma-fueled video. Who do you think held it down the hardest? 

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