Just in case aliens have ever wondered about what music is like on Earth, Chance The Rapper has got us covered. There are hundreds of millions of people worldwide who believe in life existing outside of our planet, and some have discussed what extraterrestrial beings would think of humankind. Apparently, people have been asking Chance The Rapper to create a music list for our alien friends, and he's finally revealed his choices.


"As you asked, I compiled the list of songs I will play for the aliens to get them to understand music and humanity," Chance tweeted before sharing his list of Michael Jackson songs. He started with Jackson's 1973 "Music and Me" and moved on to "You Are Not Alone," "Dear Michael," "I'll Be There," "Heal The World," "Man in the Mirror," "Remember The Time," "Never Can Say Goodbye," "Another Part of Me," "Lady in My Life," and more.

In total, Chance The Rapper chose 22 songs by the late King of Pop and after sharing his collection, people applauded him for honoring the music legend. Others, however, believed that the aliens would appreciate a more eclectic mix, but we'll just have to wait until they touch down. Did Chance The Rapper get it right?