Chance The Rapper is asking fans to reveal their favorite songs on each of his full-length releases, including his divisive debut album The Big Day, and the replies are exactly as you would have imagined.

Some music critics, including the much-admired Anthony Fantano, has suggested that there are zero redeeming qualities about The Big Day, the official debut album released by Chance The Rapper. The album has become a running joke to many, with the "I love my wife" memes flying around, as well as overall criticism regarding the corny lyricism displayed on the project. Even some of Chano's biggest fans have tried to forget about the album.

While he's got to be aware that the internet absolutely despises the album, he stoked the fire by including it in his survey, asking people to name their favorite song. The responses were ridiculous.

"When that shit was on pause," disrespectfully said one person. Another replied with a blank tweet, implying that none of the songs were good. Somebody else simply shared a screenshot of the Migos song "All Ass". 

Could he have expected anything different?

Of course, there are those that are actually revealing their favorite songs, which Chance is retweeting, but, for the most part, he's got to sift through a lot of hate to find those.