The United States is in the thick of election season as citizens will soon take to the polls to cast their votes for America's next president. The world has witnessed as Joe Biden and Donald Trump pace along the campaign trail, addressing important issues including the COVID-19 pandemic, the rebuilding of the U.S. economy, women's rights, eliminating financial aid, immigrants detained by ICE, and many others. Chance The Rapper has encouraged his fans and followers to make sure they make their voices heard in the next election, and after his good friend Kanye West announced his bid, Chance fully supported Ye as president.

Chance The Rapper, Kanye West, 2020 Election, Vote, Twitter
Gabe Ginsberg / Stringer / Getty Images

That previous endorsement placed Chance The Rapper in the crosshairs of critics who chastised the Chicago artist for pushing voters Kanye's way, but that wasn't the end of Chance's election-related controversies. On Tuesday (September 22), Chance The Rapper tweeted that people should cast their votes in alignment with their parents.

"Ask your mom who to vote for. Vote for who she say," the rapper wrote. "And ion care what somebody quoted over my sh*t. Ya mama been thru alot. Ask them and trust them." After reading through a few replies, Chance The Rapper added, "Yall worried bout everybody else mama, I said yo mama." Many people spoke out in opposition to Chance's advice and told the rapper that voters should think for themselves, not as their parents. Others accused the rapper of causing division to help Kanye West. Check out a few responses below.