Chance The Rapper keeps the momentum for his new mixtape Coloring Book going with an announcement of an event this morning surrounding the project. The rapper's project has been extremely well-received, living up to expectations and Chance's own claims that Coloring Book is better than SURF.

As he's warrant to do, Chance is putting on for Chicago with his "Magnificent Coloring World" event. The one-day only event goes down this coming weekend, Saturday May 21st, and features an array of ticket options-- unfortunately, though, looks like every option is sold out (they started at $40). The details as to what's actually happening at the "Magnificent Coloring World" are sparse, it's quite likely there will be a Chance The Rapper performance though-- but then again, Chance tweeted that it's "not what you think it is." 

Check out Chance's tweets on the event below.