A couple weeks ago, Chance The Rapper took over late night with Stephen Colbert and debuted a brand new song with Daniel Caesar tentatively called “First Wold Problems,” which he had just recorded hours earlier before performing it. The record, which is more like a spoken word poem, received both praise & criticism from fans & industry heads alike, with Joe Budden making the most noise with his response to it on his morning talk show Everyday Struggle.

“What the fuck is Chance doing?” Joe says while laughing at the footage. “What is this style of music? Is this polk music? What the fuck are these two niggas doing?” “Enough of the Apollo sh*t.” Budden said during his show, and many fans could probably agree with his harsh yet very real criticism.

Ever since Joe went on his rant, fans have been waiting for Chance to respond to it, which he finally did during a recent interview with Robyn Neal. However, the Chicago rapper doesn’t look to be sweating Joe’s comments too much and understand he’s just doing his job.

“I did a song and I was getting hit up all over the internet because someone didn’t like it, this talk show host, Joe Budden." Chano said. "I don’t get upset about stuff like that because that’s just what music is,” he continued. “You don’t always have to have songs that everyone likes or always make music that the contemporary best or to fit in whats around. You can just make music and if you’re confident enough, you'll probably get to perform it on late night."

Following that, Chance then proclaimed his position as not just a culture shifter, but a creator of it, before again adding that he "fucks with Joe Budden" still.

“There’s this idea that things have to make things for the culture and push the culture forward and it’s like, nigga I am the culture. Whatever decisions I made, they’re made and I also fuck with Joe Budden, I know he has to do his thing. He has a talk show now but before he was an artist and he got to do whatever he wanted. Now he has to go to his job and clock in and clock out and provide his insight. Niggas gotta do what they gotta do.”

Check out the full interview (below) and fast forward to the 10:20 mark to hear the Joe Budden response.