When Liverpool and Real Madrid take to the field in Saturday's Champions League Final, all the shooters will be on deck. A quick scan of both rosters shows just how many difference makers will be on the pitch on the same time. If I were to zero-in on one story line it would be the battle on the right side of the pitch (Liverpool perspective) where potential Ballon D'Or winner Mohamed Salah will occupy the same stretch as Real Madrid's Brazilian ace Marcelo. Even though Marcelo's main task is to defend his the back end, Real Madrid is so well structured it can compensate in coverage when the left back does his mazy runs, much thanks to Coach Zidane's emphasis on positional play.

Liverpool's Mohamed Salah is the reigning goal king in Europe, with a total of 44 in all competitions including the EPL league play. According to BBC, his side's fan base has experienced a difficulty time securing airfare to Kiev, Ukraine, where the Final is taking place. Apparently, three consecutive flights originating in England were docked because the airline wasn't granted landing slots. Disgruntled Liverpool fans paid £2,000 apiece for round trip tickets. The Merseyside outfit has been nothing without its fans, after sticking with their side through a veritable dry patch.

Tune in Tomorrow at 2:45 P.M. for kick off.