Chadwick Boseman has reached a height of fame that is only enjoyed by a select few. Black Panther is the highest grossing superhero movie in the United States, and it doesn't even look like Avengers: Infinity War will beat out Black Panther's domestic box office run. While the Avengers' third film definitely took control of the worldwide box-office, the fact that Black Panther brought out a bigger audience in the U.S. than Infinity War proves just how epic of a hero the King of Wakanda really is. 

Black Panther won several awards at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, including Best Movie, Best Villain, and Best Hero. When Boseman walked on stage to accept his award, he was all smiles, and even pointed at audience members in excitement as he approached the podium. As he accepted his award, Boseman praised real-life heroes, which is something other winners of the same award have done in the past. Then, Boseman did something unexpected. 

Boseman called James Shaw Jr., the man who stopped the Waffle House shooting, to the stage from the audience. Although I'm not sure how Shaw Jr. got to the award show, we're certain that real-life heroes like him have some kind of unlimited access to special events. "This is gonna live at your house," Boseman proudly stated as he handed over his MTV Movie award. Now, that's one noble king.