General Mills has given the people what they want, which, apparently, is churros in cereal form. They announced on Twitter that they would bring the world a new flavour of cinnamon toast crunch that is even more cinnamony than the original, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros.

"Sound the alarm" indeed. The three new cereals are sure to please everyone from DJ Khaled (a Cinnamon Toast Crunch enthusiast who praises them for creating "late night vibes" and pairing well with champagne) to the signatories of a petition whose purpose was to bring back the chocolate version of the mini-toasts:

Chocolate Toast Crunch was by far the best cereal ever made. Why it was taken out of production is a conspiracy that has more mystery than the Illuminati surrounding it. Sure, the original Cinnamon Toast Crunch is amazing, but this chocolaty rendition is what makes this world so beautiful. Those chocolate swirls are more amazing and awe-striking than the Milky Way Galaxy itself...

Apparently, real change is possible, even if only in the realm of breakfast.