The rumor mill was all abuzz after photos of Trey Songz and Ceraadi's Saiyr hit the internet. The pair of artists posted photos of one another on their Instagram pages as they celebrated the release of Trey Songz's album Back Home, and the closeness caused fans to murmur about the nature of their relationship. Things picked up steam when Saiyr shared a picture of her and Trey hugged up with the caption "I like him," but now the Roc Nation star has returned to say that she's single as a dollar bill.

Saiyr delivered a brief message to her IG Story that reads, "I don't have a bf. I don't' have a gf. Ppl will talk on my name. I am no one's property. Ppl be playing the claim game w/o me knowing. I don't fck w/ nobody. I do what I want." Then she urged viewers to stream Ceraadi's recently released EP, #GRWM.

Meanwhile, Trey Songz has been sharing family-filled images over on his Instagram page where he's been not only enjoying time with his son, Noah, but with dozens of his loved ones. Check out the posts that made fans believe that these two artists were dating, below.

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