Boston Celtics' guard Marcus Smart is an important piece for the team going forward if his recent contract extension is any indication. Smart and the Celtics' front office came to terms on a multiyear deal worth $52 million. If you didn't know that already, Marcus Smart is here to remind you all, in the manner you least expected.

Turns out Smart is good friends with a rapper named iAmCompton. They booked some studio time together, and along with another buddy Marcus' named Trey Davis, they recorded a song titled "52M" to celebrate his lucrative contract extension. This all occurred in August before the onset of training camp.

On "52M," Marcus Smart raps, "52 mil, that’s a new deal, 13 a year, n***a, look how I live. Penthouse suite, n***a, that’s a new feel."

"Bought the top floor 'cause I need the room. Walk-in closet for my Gucci and Lou," he continues. "Red bottoms, but I'm rockin' that blue. Ice on my neck and it's keepin' me cool."

A music video was also shot in accompaniment of the song. According to TMZ, the shot on location by Nicky Films was supposed to see the light of day, but word of mouth started to build, and Smart and his cohorts were left with little choice to but let it out in the open. Brandon Ingram even makes an appearance in the video. Check it out, below.