Fans have been getting pretty bold in the NBA this year. Trae Young was spit on and Russell Westbrook had food dumped on his head during these playoffs, and the disrespect will seemingly continue. Tonight, after the Brooklyn Nets defeated the Boston Celtics 141-126, Kyrie Irving was targeted by an irate fan. The fan threw a bottle at Kyrie's head, but it missed. However, the team immediately noticed and began trying to discern who threw the bottle.  

According to the Boston Globe’s National NBA writer Gary Washburn, the fan was apprehended and is now being detained. Kevin Durant supported Irving after the game, saying, "grow the fuck up and enjoy the game. It's bigger than you." In another statement, Durant said, "we know how these people are in Boston, and we know how passionate they are about Kyrie in particular."

Celtics fans, however, are taking exception to what is being called "disrespect" to their logo. As seen in the video below, Kyrie appears to wipe his show on the Celtic logo's head in disgust after the game was completed. It seems like the dislike for each runs both ways for Irving and Boston.