While the TV and film industries, and really, Hollywood at large has come to a screeching halt, certain entertainers have been able to maintain their regularly scheduled programming because of their format-- that is, podcasts. Podcasts, whether it's one-on-one live from a studio or a conversation conducted via Skype, have mostly been able to retain their weekly drops, including ones like No Jumper and Joe Rogan.

Last night, The No Jumper Show podcast streamed live with special guest and hip-hop's most-hated Celina Powell. Powell, for the uninitiated, is a full-time rapper groupie, to put it lightly, and she loves to reveal her pursuits to the general public, some purported escapades producing more eyebrow raises and 'mhmmm' than others.

In this particular episode, they go through a list of men Celina claims to have fucked/had relations with, as well as certain artists who don't appreciate her back.

"I already fucked Blac Youngsta," Powell mentioned in passing, before going on to expose Donald Trump Jr. in her DMs allegedly-- Adam22 vouches that Powell wrote to Trump Jr. : "You can come hunt my vagina," and eventually, she even warranted a response back.

In October of last year, during another appearance on Adam22's channel, Powell first claimed that Tory Lanez had put a hit on her head. She gave us an update on their relationship, or lack there of: "Me and Tory stay hating each other," she confirmed in the new episode, saying that after she "revealed" this apparent hit on her, things went even more south. "All of his friends [...] they were like 'you're never going to be in Miami again'." The exact reason behind the initial "hit" on her is unclear.

celina powell cardi b

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

As far as the Offset and Cardi B gossip-- Powell's first claim to fame was alleging, falsely, to be Offset's mistress and baby mama-- Powell is still hoping that Cardi B will come around her way to initiate some drama and give her some publicity: "I hope if Cardi B ever beats me up it's on camera and I'ma just let it [happen]." But, she added as far as Cardi's radar and goon-sending goes: "I honestly just don't think I'm worth it."

She then goes on to expose Tank, saying that the singer would only eat her out and wasn't up for intercourse.

This interview also takes us back to Powell's first victim, and the man we can perhaps thank for creating this clout-chasing fiend: "DJ Drama really got me to see the light. He just gave me dick, and I exposed [him], and I realized that celebrities liked it."

Finally, we'll leave you with this quote: "I think I have a chance with Drake. He hasn't blocked me yet." What do you think? Adam22 thinks nay, as we already know Drizzy is into thick women.

Catch the gossip-filled episode below.