You may recall Akademiks playing Cupidon with renown 'black widow' Celina Powell & Tekashi 6ix9ine, giving rise to their online correspondence. Things heated up to a point where Tekashi was quite insistent that they would consummate their relationship in bed together. To this day many observers still feel that their correspondence, and many of Tekashi's actions are part of giant prefabricated production.

Tekashi and Akademiks seem to have a mutually beneficial arrangement where they help each other gain publicity. With that in mind, bear witness to this video filmed by Celina Powell of her and Tekashi in bed after what appears to be a session of love-making. Make of it what you will?

Following the video's release, Celina was quick to defend herself against claims that she was in on the publicity stunt.

Celina Powell claims she's moving to New York, for personal gain? To be with Tekashi?  

She seems to think that posing with his chain is the closest thing to a status change on Facebook. Here she gives Kat Stacks the butt end of the stick. Kat Stacks getting involved in the skirmish gives this rendition of Twelfth Night, a neat little plot twist.