We reported on two tragic happenings which happened back-to-back in the past few days. Two mass shootings occurred in Ohio and Texas this weekend alone by two different gunmen, resulting in countless lives lost. President Donald Trump has since spoken out on both acts of terrorism with the most recent post centered on the El Paso, Texas shooting where a gunman opened fire in a Walmart. The latter resulted in quite the outroar from the public which includes an outcry from folks in the music and entertainment industry. Precisely, Rihanna was one of the many celebrities to call out Trump on his lack of doing in regulating gun access in America. In response to his tweet in which he offers prayers and condolences to the El Paso shooting victims, Rihanna gathered him immediately in a succinct Instagram post.


Cardi B was also one to add her two cents, calling Trump's rhetoric as responsible for fueling racist ideologies which in a way encourage such terrorist acts in the first place. Other celebrities who also spoke out includes T.I. who posted a graphic photo that counted the number of mass shootings that happened in the United States in 2019 alone. Missy Elliot, Juicy J and other members of the Hip Hop community spoke on the issue as well. This is obviously an alarming issue and something needs to be done.