It's Tim Westwood's birthday baby! The iconic hip-hop radio host turns sixty today, and there's no denying that his run in the game is nothing short of legendary. Whether he's landing freestyle sessions from some of the game's best and brightest, or inspiring Sacha Baron Cohen to bring Ali G to life, Tim Westwood has managed to make a lasting impression in the culture. And for an English white dude, that's no easy feat. Even if you don't actively peep his radio show, you've no doubt stumbled onto at least one or two of his freestyle sessions. And while some rappers don't always appreciate stepping to the mic, Tim somehow manages to get some of hip-hop's biggest names to spit a few bars.

It seems as if he gets along with everyone, and even though some might feel some type of way about his heavy use of hip-hop slang, you can't argue that Tim eats, sleeps, and breathes hip-hop. The man even managed to shoot his shot with Cardi B, in a hilarious and shameless interview. And while he ultimately failed in that attempt, Westwood consistently succeeds in securing some fantastic freestyles, and that's what really matters.

So while Tim no doubt turns up in honor of his sixtieth birthday, here are fifteen of the most memorable Westwood freestyles, with efforts from Eminem, fellow birthday boy A$AP Rocky, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cudi, and more. So once again, happy birthday to one of hip-hop's most memorable (and hilariously quotable) radio personalities.

Eminem & Mr. Porter

J. Cole

Big Sean

Childish Gambino

Lil Dicky

Snoop Dogg

Mac Miller

Kid Cudi

Kendrick Lamar

Eminem, Royce Da 5'9", & Mr. Porter

A$AP Rocky

Wu-Tang Clan


Action Bronson