Cee-Lo Green has caused some controversy in the new year by changing a line in John Lennon's "Imagine."

He performed on NBC's  Times Square New Years Eve telecast, singing John Lennon's classic "Imagine." He upset many Lennon fans by changing the line "no religion too" to "all religion is true."

After his performance Twitter blew up with tweets from many people who were upset with Cee-Lo's interpretation of "Imagine."

Cee-Lo then also responded via Twitter but it seems he changed his mind and the tweet has since been deleted, "Yo I meant no disrespect by changing the lyric guys!" he wrote in the deleted post, "I was trying to say a world were u could believe what u wanted that's all."

After the deleted message he tweeted a Happy New Year to everyone, "Happy new year everyone!!! Now playing: we just disagree [by] dave mason."

You can watch Cee-Lo's rendition of "Imagine" below.