In case you missed the news last week, CeeLo Green made some disparaging remarks regarding rape. He subsequently deleted the tweets, but the damage was already done. His already struggling TBS show "The Good Life" was cancelled, as his comments marked the final straw for the network. In addition, he was relieved of his headlining duties at the Gretna Heritage Festival in New Orleans after the organizers felt Cee-Lo "does not represent what our festival is about and has achieved over the past 20 years".

To make matters worse this week, Cee-Lo has now been dropped by a second festival in the fallout from his Twitter rant. The people behind the Mobile Bayfest in Alabama gave a statement today that explained how Cee-Lo was nixed from their lineup because of a "conflict with the beliefs and conscience of the music festival".

There was a third gig Cee-Lo was cut from as well, a United States Navy-sponsored show scheduled for September 20th. Cee-Lo has since apologized for the offensive tweets, but it seems he will continue to feel the backlash of his comments for quite a while.