His work with Gnarls Barkley is what propelled him into the forefront of popular culture, but long before that, Cee Lo Green was a member of the Dungeon Family affiliate Goodie Mob.   Now, firmly placed in the mainstream spotlight as a judge on the reality talent show The Voice, Green says that a new Goodie Mob album is not only in the works, but nearly completed.  He also touches on the sound fans can expect and hints that it may have a more universal appeal.

Sitting down with Fuse, the ATL singer says that after a 10 year hiatus the Mob have a new album with a tentative title they plan to release early 2013, and just need to put the finishing touches on the project, “I have a new album with Goodie Mob and we're looking forward to releasing it in first quarter.  It's tentatively titled Age Against the Machine. We're still mixing and doing a few more guest appearances and putting the final touches on it, but yes, it's pretty much done."

After a decade long layoff, Green says the group will have a different sound this time around, and hints that it will have a more pop/universal appeal, perhaps trying to follow the success Cee Lo has had as a solo artist.  “I think we've grown a great deal in the last 10 years. There's a lot more to consider. There's a broader audience and a greater aspiration to reach as many people as we can, to be as relatable, to be as real, relevant and resourceful as we can.”

[Via HHDX]