Following the investigation of his involvement of a woman alleging he sexual assaulted her, details have now emerged from another incident involving Cee Le Green.  TMZ is reporting that the singer was involved in a physical fight with two women back in 2011.

The authorities report that Cee Lo asked the two women back to his hotel after meeting at a nightclub.  One of the two females began arguing with the Gnarls Barkley singer, with a witness saying the women were highly intoxicated.  Eventually Cee Lo asked them to leave, and when they refused he escorted one out by placing his hands on her shoulders.

Once they were outside the report indicates that the women began to "pummel him with punches and slaps to his face", and another eye witness recounts that one of the women jumped on Cee Lo from behind and began hitting his head.

Police arrived, but no charges were lain as they could not determine who was to blame for the altercation.  It's possible that this detail has emerged as investigators have looked further into the singer's past with the on-going investigation he is under.