Cee-Lo tweeted out a message of support for Big Boi after his Super Bowl halftime performance. His comment, which included some fiery words against those who have been protesting the event, upset some folks online prompting the artist to reflect on his words. Cee-Lo has since come through with an apology for all those who were offended by his remarks. View the clip below.

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

The singer says his message was intended as personal rather than political. He brought up the fact that his relationship with Big Boi spans over 25 years as they became extended family. As such, Green simply "wanted to show to show some solidarity" for Big Boi that he might not have been receiving by others. 

The artist also said he is familiar with how it feels to walk under the "pressure and scrutiny of opposed public opinion" in addition to having some of his previous statement taken out of context. The "Crazy" singer stated he would have chosen his words "more carefully" if he had to do it all over again. 

"@BigBoi yo big we riding wit you fam DO THAT SHIT! F**k these so called protesters you just got 100m worth of press," he had written in the tweet that caused backlash. "I'll kill for you."