Another day, and more news from Cee-Lo's on-going sexual assault case arises. 

The story behind the assault is slowly unfolding, as reports are now saying the woman accuser actually had a history with the r'n'b singer, as the two dated on-and-off since February 2012.

Apparently the woman, a Houston native, met Cee-Lo at the Super Bowl in February 2012. They hung out over the weekend before the woman flew back home to Houston and Cee-Lo to L.A. It didn't end there though, because the two reportedly kept in touch via text and phone, and Cee-Lo even flew her out to L.A. multiple times.

Sources say that the woman would sometimes ask Cee-Lo to purchase expensive items for her, and even asked his friend how she could receive the same benefits from him.

On the day in question when the sexual assault occurred, Cee-Lo had flown the woman out to L.A., where they went to eat at a sushi restaurant, as we previously reported. While the woman claims Cee-Lo drugged her with ecstasy, an alternate version of the story is that the two took ecstasy together and stayed up all night--meaning no one was left unconscious to be sexually assaulted.

TMZ reports that the woman made up this story about Cee-Lo because she is also seeing someone in her hometown of Houston, and he just found out she was in L.A. with Cee-Lo, so she's trying to cover it up.

Where the truth lies in this story, only time will tell. We'll keep you updated as the case continues to unfold.