Television personality Gayle King has been apart of CBS This Morning since 2012 and has made a recognized name for herself even before her time with the television show. More recently, Gayle has been praised for her calm and collective manner during her interview with R. Kelly where the singer exploded in a tearful, snot induced behavior.  

Page Six now reports that Gayle's contract renewal with CBS is taking some time and staffers are worried it's because the network can't afford her. Gayle is currently getting $5.5 million annually and the proposed contract would double that. “It’s not like CBS News can all of a sudden find ABC or NBC money — it has to come from somewhere," a source told the publication. CBS' new president Susan Zirinsky has been given extra money to secure good talent, but the source added how “there’s not that much!”

"The big priority is keeping Gayle. The only thing that would really hurt CBS News at the moment is losing her,” another CBS employee revealed to the publication. 

Gayle was recently asked how negotiations were going with the network and she responded: “I never ever discuss contracts in the media. I think the best place to discuss a contract is with CBS.”