The LeBron James vs Michael Jordan debate is old news. The new wave is Kyle Korver vs Carmelo Anthony - and Melo wants to put an end to that discussion immediately.

It all started last night when a basketball-themed instagram account shared a photo of Melo and Korver with the following caption, "Who would've thought during the 2003 draft that 15 years down the line Kyle Korver would be a better NBA player than Carmelo Anthony." Somehow, Carmelo caught wind of that remark and couldn't help but jump into the comments.

In fact, Melo dropped a total of four comments on the post, including "WOWWWWW" and multiple crying, laughing emojis. The 33-year old forward also added, "Had to comment on this one," and "FOH" which, as we know, is short for "Fuck outta here."

In his first season with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Anthony averaged a career-low 16.2 points per game on 40% shooting as he transitioned into a new role rather than being the iso scorer that he has been for 15 seasons. Meanwhile, 37-year old Kyle Korver has become an x-factor for the Cleveland Cavs as they look to ride LeBron James' coattails to another NBA Finals appearance. 

Korver averaged 10 points per night during the regular season as a bench player for the Cavs but has played a key role in each of Cleveland's wins during the Eastern Conference Finals.