It's a rough day to be a Curry. Not only did Steph and the Warriors fail to close out the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals after building a 3-1 series lead, but now these "Bye Ayesha" t-shirts are selling like hot cakes.

Ayesha, of course, first got caught up in the crosshairs of Cleveland fans after claiming that the NBA Finals were rigged for money and was later Crying Jordan'd to death.

The final nail in her coffin are these "Bye Ayesha" shirts, a play on the classic quote from the film "Friday," which come in Cavaliers wine and gold.

If you're interested, you can score one of those shirts right here. Although, when it comes to trolling Curry and the Warriors, the shirt LeBron was wearing when he hopped off the plane in Cleveland today is even better.

In addition to all of the Ls that the Curry's have been taking, Steph's dad, Dell, got pump faked to hell on a handshake by a savvy, dab-happy fan last night.