The world of viral fame is a weird one, encompassing a wide range of talented and not-so-talented individuals who have all gained mass notoriety for one thing or another. Danielle Bregoli, known as the "Catch me outside" girl from Dr. Phil is the perfect example of the type of weird viral fame we are talking about here.

The teenage girl went viral after a video of her threatening women in the audience on Dr. Phil's show with the now famous and meme-storic lines "Catch me outside, how bout dat" re-surfaced on the internet and received hundreds of thousands of shares, remakes and more. Apparently, Danielle and her mother are back in Hollywood to do a special comeback episode for Dr. Phil's show, and you guessed it, she's already threatening people even though she hasn't even set foot on stage yet.

In the video below from TMZ, paparazzi catch up with the girl and her mother as they are leaving a restaurant in Hollywood and it looks like everything is fine until Danielle decides she is over the questions and photos and says "Y'all gotta stop blinding me. I'm gonna punch one of y'all in y'all sh*t." Really classy, right?

In addition to the video from TMZ you can watch a recent clip of the girl wilding out on Instagram live. If this clip from TMZ or Instagram is anything like what we will see on Dr. Phil's show, you can expect more memes and an even bigger viral explosion for this young lady.