Diddy has endured a tough 2018, by which a series of non-connected events pushed his resolve right to the limit. With the death of his baby mother Kim Porter weighing heavily on his mind, Sean "Diddy" Combs has found respite care in the company of his family, and even his ex-lover singer Cassie. But just moments after posting an appreciative Instagram message bearing Cassie's image, the R&B singer pulled a non-sequitur by sharing a picture-reel where she portrays herself kissing a "mystery boyfriend" in the same breath of conversation as an homage to her mother.

In the direct aftermath of Kim Porter's, Cassie made herself readily available to Diddy in a time of need. Since then, the trail has run cold, but now we have proper insight as to what provoked her split with Diddy. As the old adage goes, "there's always someone else." Even Diddy managed to keep concurrent intimate relationships going at different breakneck speeds, by making zero assumptions along the way.

As of right now, the comment section has been rather supportive of Cassie finding "love after love" outside of cloudy arrangement provided to her by Diddy. The John Doe is already more popular among diehard Cassie fans than her rebound fling with a 26-Year old Canadian model, through no fault of her own. The timing of Cassie's post is suspect, and by the looks of it, Diddy still has feelings for his ex, all his exes in fact. Everything in Diddy's universe comes in bunches, but not Cassie, and not anymore.