Cassie and Diddy were in a relationship for 11 years, so when they broke up two weeks ago, it was candy for the tabloids, especially considering that Diddy made the classic switch to "the younger woman," a 25-year-old model:

That was two weeks ago, though, and since then there have been claims that Diddy's still single. Diddy for his part isn't doing much do deny those claims. He celebrated his 49th birthday in just about the most single way possible, by parachuting into the Playboy Mansion:

Now, though, the breakup is looking like it was just a brief interlude. Cassie took to Instagram yesterday, Diddy's Birthday, to post a tribute to him on her Live. The post has a black-and-white photo of the mogul/rapper and the caption "Happy Birthday, KING." Although it's possible that the two are just amicably separated and willing to show their love even while apart, relationships also always have a messy cool-down period: