One of the biggest news stories coming from the entertainment world over the last week was the reported break-up between Cassie and Diddy. The two had been romantically linked for over eleven years and many assumed they would spend their lives together. After a series of surprising celebrity splits, Diddy and Cassie breaking up the band was likely the most shocking turn. Neither side has commented on the rumored split but Diddy has been spotted with a new girl (despite reports claiming he's still single) and Cassie has been reminding him what he's missing out on. The singer may have just added a new layer to their break-up too, signing off with a scathing Instagram post just a few days after news broke out of their relationship ending.

Cassie added an update to her Instagram story a few hours ago, which may give some insight as to why the two are going their separate ways. The simple text post reads "Fuck These H*es" as Cassie decided to keep things at that. While this could mean absolutely nothing in terms of her break-up with Puffy, it may be pointing towards some infidelity on his part. Cassie isn't naming anybody in particular but she's clearly feeling a little salty about something.

In the grand scheme of things, this could be unrelated but given the timing of the post, it's possible that she could be indirectly venting about her split.