Anyone who has taken a peek at Cassie Ventura's Instagram lately can tell that she has been glowing since hopping into a relationship with her boyfriend Alex Fine. The pair has shared loving images of each other, and recently TMZ caught up with the couple as they were making their way out of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). 

When asked how a pop star and a professional bull rider hooked up, the pair just smiled as Cassie said, "Friendship." The paparazzo also asked her if she would ever try bull riding but it was a solid no. "Nah, I stay out of that," she said. "It's dangerous and I'm klutzy." She went on to say that she's not scared of the "farm life," but she is afraid of the "getting hurt life."

In January, there were reports that Cassie's ex-boyfriend of 11 years, Sean "Diddy" Combs," was somehow angry with the R&B singer for flaunting her new relationship on social media. “If there is anyone who knows how absolutely devastated Diddy has been since Kim’s [Porter] death, it’s Cassie. He can’t believe she feels the need to post pictures with her new guy. It’s like she did it to upset Diddy more,” a source who claimed to be close to Diddy shared with PEOPLE. “The whole situation is just ridiculous. There is just no need to post pictures on social media at this point. Diddy is having enough of a hard time.”

However, neither Cassie nor Diddy have spoken about one another, and it seems as if both parties have moved on in peace.