Earlier today, Meek Mill responded to Cassidy's"R.A.I.D."via Twitter. In turn, Cassidy phoned Hot 107.9 Philly's DJ Caesar to speak his mind and warn Meek not to respond in rhyme, as he did with "Repo."

Cass clarified the ongoing situation between him, Meek and, more recently, Ar-Ab, another Philly rapper and associate of them both who's decided to weigh in on the conflict. He broke down the history of the beef. And despite the unforgiving nature of "R.A.I.D." (Robert Ass Is Dead), he maintained that he doesn't have anything personal against his opponent, which seems somewhat hard to believe, especially with the warning he issued. There's also the fact that he likens Meek to a cockroach on the track.

Cass also took the opportunity to announce a new single that will be dropping shortly, although he provided no other details. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. 

Listen to the conversation below and view all the lyrics to the song: