Cassidy and Meek Mill have been in the news as of late, specifically yesterday the two Philly rappers were sending shots at each other via Twitter over the possibility of a rap battle.

Shortly after the Twitter confrontations had ended, Cassidy leaked a new song called "Diary Of A Hustla," which was quickly labeled a "Meek Mill Diss." While many took it that way, Cassidy clarifies while on The Breakfast Club early this morning that that was definitely not his intention, and it's not a Meek Mill diss.

Cassidy says, "It wasn't a diss record. I was messin' around with the beats. I just put it out a couple hours after we went through that Twitter situation so everybody called it a Meek diss, but it wasn't, it just was a record that I just put out, just to give the streets some bars. If I do a diss record it's gunna be an the "Ether" level if not worse. It's gunna be direct, you gon' know it's a diss record, you gon' know who I'm talking about." He adds later, "I already had put that together previous to the whole situation on Twitter."

When asked if the two were on good terms prior to their Twitter popping off, Cassidy says he had nothing but love for Meek before, "Nah, I mean, if you were to ask me a year ago about Meek, I would have had nothing but love for him. I just felt though once he got on, things wasn't exactly the same. I dunno if it's cuz he was busy or he switched his pitch, I dunno."

Cass also explains how he first heard about Meek wanting to rap battle him, which caught him by surprise, before Meek clarified what he meant. "A little while ago, people start calling me telling me he wanted to battle me. And I'm like that don't make sense to me, he know what I'm capable of. I thought it would be good for I was willing to do it. But a little later I found out he ain't wanna battle me, he want me and Mook to battle."

Finally he added that he doesn't want people to think he pulled some publicity stunt, "But I don't want people to think it was some publicity stunt on my behalf, like I just came up with this plan to attack someone who's poppin' right now. I was just responding to what he was doing, and what he was saying."

Check out the full interview with The Breakfast Club below.