What seemed like a joke song to many has now turned into big bucks for the rapper who created it-- we're referring to Cassidy's remake of Psy's "Gangnam Style" with "Condom Style."

"Condom Style" dropped over the weekend, and advocates safe sex and wearing a condom. Cassidy, the Philly rapper who put the song out, received a lot of attention from the release, both good and bad as fans and non-fans alike listened to the freestyle.

Now Cassidy has signed a major endorsement deal thanks to the song promoting safe sex, as he confirms on his Twitter account. The deal is reportedly with one of the biggest condom brands around, Trojan. We don't have word on the exact amount of the deal, but word is it's seven-figures (via GWHH).

Cassidy tweets of the deal, "I wanna thank all the haters & the ppl showin luv!I got an endorsement deal 2day 4 making the freestyle “CondomStyle” $$$."

Check out the song and the lyrics for "Condom Style" below.