Philly rapper Cassidy recently made headlines after being picked up by police in New Jersey on probation violation and alleged murder charges However, the MC who was once signed to Swizz Beatz and previously served time for a manslaughter charge cleared his name during a live interview on Power 99 in Philadelphia.

    “It was something light. I'm still on probation from the situation that I dealt with about six, seven years ago,” he explained. “Y'all know I was down for the murder and the two attempted murders before."

    "I beat the murders and the two attempts, but I got involuntary manslaughter and two aggravated assaults. So for the two aggravated assaults, I'm still on probation. It's like a real light probation.”

    “I'm running around the world. I didn't even go every month like the regular person, so it slipped my mind. The way my P.O. wrote the warrants out was that I had a warrant, and he put the murder on there because that was the case it was revolved around. But I wasn't fighting a new jawn.”