Internet darling Playboi Carti's collaboration with Drake, "Pain 1993," was finally released as part of the Dark Lane Demo Tapes but not everybody was happy about it. In fact, a good number of social media critics have been trashing Carti's verse on the song after so much anticipation had been built for it. One of the people who was not happy about it was producer CashMoneyAP.

Reacting to the track after listening for the first time, CashMoneyAP asked what everybody thought of "Pain 1993," revealing his own feelings about it in a tweet.

"Why is carti verse not good man," questioned the highly-touted beatmaker. 

People in his comments seem to almost unanimously agree that his take on the verse is correct. One man even said that he would be editing the song and cropping out Carti's verse. Harsh.

With Playboi Carti appearing on a couple of new songs this year, the hype continues to grow for his new album Whole Lotta Red. The rapper is seemingly having fun toying with his fans, failing to reveal a release date on many occasions. Most recently, Carti hinted that the album would drop a few weeks ago by tweeting "rEd. 24 hrs." As you all know, the album has still not released despite his warning.

What did you think of his verse on "Pain 1993?"