Due to her extraordinary temper, Danielle Ann, aka the "Cash me outside" girl, continues to go viral. During a recent Instagram Live broadcast, she recorded a phone call in which she screams nonstop obscenities at ear-splitting volumes. At this point, viral fame does not seem to be treating her well, though her career as a social media influencer is just getting started. 

Months after Danielle appeared on Dr. Phil alongside her fed up mother, a quote from her contentious TV interview suddenly inspired what's arguably 2017's most popular meme thus far. "Catch me outside, how about that?" Danielle told Dr. Phil's studio audience, who had been laughing uncomfortably at her reckless behavior and unusual accent, which she says comes "from the streets." For the sake of the meme, the quote was spelled in accordance with Danielle's accent: "Cash me outside, how bow dah?"  

Since becoming the source of an unmissable meme, Danielle was literally caught outside, as viral footage emerged of her getting beaten up and dragged out of a car by her ponytail. There was also a widely shared fake news report that she had committed suicide. 

Some are claiming that the latest viral footage shows a phone call between her and an assistant of Dr. Phil. "Bitch you got me fucked up!" Danielle repeatedly shrieks while on speaker phone. She yells out many violent threats such as, "I'ma dog walk your ass." She eventually starts screaming about how the woman on the other line -- who remains barely audible throughout the clip -- has a "stripper ass prostitute" for a mother. It's unclear how she would have such information about an employee of Dr. Phil, so she could very well be speaking to one of her own peers. Warning: Graphic language