Many people don’t believe the “Cash Me Outside” girl is as tough as she puts on, instead suggesting she does it all for attention. Whether attention is a factor or not, it appears she and her mother are really about that life based on a recent incident at the Los Angeles airport that ended with Danielle Bregoli, her mother and an anonymous passenger all getting kicked off a flight.

Something happened in the boarding process on a Spirit Airlines flight that caused both Danielle and her mother to go off at another passenger, possibly for calling Danielle “white trash.” A few different passengers grabbed videos of the scrap, which involves a lot of screaming (including a required “cash me outside, how bout dah” from Danielle) before the mother is grabbed by the offending woman. That’s when Bregoli comes through with the right hook.

The woman continues to try and fight both the Cash Me Outside and her mother, yelling that her husband is a cop and that she was assaulted. One passenger quips that "she probably voted for Trump," so it sounds like people were on the Bregoli family's side. Eventually the cops arrive and all three are taken off the flight. No charges were filed, which means the anonymous passenger will most likely be filing some kind of lawsuit. All three have been permanently banned from Spirit Airways.

[via TMZ]