There are reports are moving about the web claiming that Danielle Ann, the infamous "Cash me outside" teen who appeared on a viral segment of Dr. Phil last year, has committed suicide. That rumor, which was started via an article on, has been proven to be untrue. is a fake news site that is unaffiliated with NBC.

The fake news spread especially quickly because Danielle and her most quotable moment on Dr. Phil have turned into a popular meme, months after the airing of the interview. "Catch me outside, how about that?" said the then-13-year-old girl to the Dr. Phil audience when they were uncomfortably laughing at her accent, which she says comes "from the streets." For the memes, Twitter users have adjusted the spelling of the catchphrase to "Cash me outside, how bow dah?" 

In the fake news article, Danielle was said to have committed suicide days after a video of her getting into a fight with another teenage girl leaked online. That video does exist, and it has gone viral along with all of the memes. In the clip, Danielle appears to get beat up, and her opponent drags her out of a car by pulling on her hair. Footage of Danielle responding to the fight and admitting that she got "dragged" is included in the below video. "Apparently y'all don't know the difference between drag and dog walk," she says. "'Cause she drags bitches, I dog walk bitches." 

Anyway, now that it has been confirmed that Danielle didn't tragically take her own life, we can safely enjoy the memes.