Danielle Bregoli, better known as "Cash Me Outside" girl from Dr. Phil, has taken her 15 minutes of fame and has stretched it over the course of 2017. She's been one of the most talked about "public figures," so to speak, and has drawn a lot of attention and controversy due to her questionable actions. She's maneuvered her catch phrase into getting piano lessons from Eminem's producers, allegedly getting paid $40K for an appearance at Rolling Loud and even sparked her talent agency's interest in landing her a reality show. However, despite her busy schedule, it appears that she's been putting in work in the studio. 

In a report from TMZ, they seemed to have acquired a clip of Danielle Bregoli's upcoming rap single, under the moniker "Bhad Babie". In the song, she seems to address a lot of things that seem to be getting on her nerves. While the clip obtained isn't the full version of the song, the song called "These Heaux" addresses her naysayers, ex-boyfriends and anyone who just isn't a fan of the 14-year-old viral sensation. Her voice is laced in auto-tune on this joint, and despite being relatively new to recording music, she seems fairly comfortable in front of the microphone. 

It's seems like it could end up being another viral moment for the 14 year old. She's heard rapping about sipping lean "Got red in my cup, no it's not kool-aid." She also makes a brief reference to her love life with "One minute he your man, he your ride or die/next minute he on the 'Gram with a new bae," which is possible a line directed at her former relationship with AI Youngboy. Over everything else she talks about, the song really addresses the fact that she's rich with references to driving a Maybach as well as running a cheque.

Truth be told, the clip actually sounds kind of promising, atleast with everything considered. There's only a minute and a half of the song surfacing the internet so who knows what kind of impact it'll make on her career once it drops. 

Check out the brief clip of her song "These Heaux" below, via TMZ: