It's impossible for two rappers to take a photo together without demands for a collaboration taking place in the comment section. Over the weekend, Nipsey Hussle decided to share a photo of himself and Meek Mill playing some digital chess on board a private jet, and it wasn't long before commenters flipped it into the potential for not only a collaboration, but a joint album.


Surprisingly, it was not just any fan but West Coast rapper Casey Veggies who got things started. "This looks like a collab album," he wrote alongside some fire emojis. A few fans replied with hopes that Casey knew something they didn't, but there's nothing to suggest Meek and Nipsey were doing anything more than playing a board game. In fact, RJ also commented with a boast about his own chess skills: "Neither one of y'all want it with me," he wrote. Meanwhile, Nipsey did provide an update on the games, of which there were three: "1 stalemate and then 1 win 1 loss." This must have been a long plane ride.

Both Meek Mill and Nipsey Hussle have released projects in 2018. Nipsey delivered his long-awaited Victory Lap album in February, while Meek shared his Legends Of The Summer EP in July. Meek is expected to release a full-length project sometime in the near future. Here's hoping the two take some time away from their chess tournament to record a collaboration for it.