He's responsible for belting out classics like "Missing You," "Living It Up" with Ja Rule, and "Touch Me, Tease Me" with Mary J. Blige and Foxy Brown, but in recent years, Case hasn't been involved much in the music scene as an artist. He was once one of Def Jam's stars and the music video for his 1999 single "Happily Ever After" even featured Beyoncé as his love interest. In his recent feature on BET for Finding Case, the singer reflects on his career and how he topped the charts.

Mike Coppola / Staff / Getty Images

According to Case, Misa Hylton, Diddy ex and the mother of his son Justin, was instrumental in getting Case's music in front of the right people. Misa was best friends with Mary J. Blige and she connected the two singers together to write "Touch Me, Tease Me." After they locked themselves in the studio penning the track, they decided that the song needed a rapper. Someone mentioned that Foxy was a Def Jam artist so there wouldn't be a problem getting her to add her vocals to the song, and the rest is hip hop and R&B history.

Case also shared details about his love affair with Mary J. and how there were more collaborations between the two of them that were scrapped from his record a week before it was released. Her label didn't want her in his music videos or on his record, so they threatened to sue him if she made appearances. At the last minute, they had to change things up and remove the "Real Love" singer's vocals from his tracks. He also mentioned that their romance came to halt because he was trying to sneak around with other women while out on tour as Mary's cousin was on the road with him as his hype man.

Check out his full feature below along with the music video for "Missing You.".