Having amassed a slew of unapologetic tunes like "Set Trippin," in which teeth are threatened to be unceremoniously removed from gum, Casanova has earned his place among the modern-day gangsta-rap spokesmen. His reputation clearly precedes him, to the point where the idea of Cas partaking in any given viral challenge, let alone the often self-deprecating "Flip The Switch" challenge, feels hard to believe. And yet that's exactly what happened.

Casanova Flip The Switch

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Perhaps it can be chalked up to quarantine-induced boredom. Either way, Cas decided to try his hand at the ongoing viral challenge alongside his girlfriend Swaggy Jazzy. Now, anyone who has seen these couple variants play out has likely developed an idea of what to expect. Spoiler, it more often than not ends up with an exchange of outfits, dress or otherwise. Given that the image of Casanova in a dress is hard to fathom for even the most imaginative mind, one had to wonder if the cabin fever has simply sunk its claws that deep.

Yet faster than you can utter "please say sike," Casanova subverted expectations with a defiant response. "I wish the fuck I would switch outfits with you," he snarls, barely containing his enjoyment. "You always ruining the fun trying to be gangsta," replies Swaggy. "I wish I would be a fuckin' busta!" he retorts, his tone thick with sarcasm. While this isn't quite the "Flip The Switch" challenge as originally intended, it does still appear that Cas found a way to have some fun with it all the same.