One of 6ix9ine's first major feud was with Casanova. "Set Trippin" was ringing off in the clubs during 6ix9ine's ascent to stardom. The song was taken as a diss towards 6ix9ine. The two later squashed their feud and they even appeared on 50 Cent and Uncle Murda's "Get The Strap" together. Things have obviously changed since 6ix9ine was arrested on federal firearms and racketeering charges. Needless to say, they probably haven't talked to each other for a long time.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

6ix9ine took the stand this week and testified against his co-defendants while name dropping a few rappers. During the trial, Casanova's name was mentioned while 6ix9ine took the stand when the "GUMMO" rapper spoke on his rap feuds. Cas hopped on his Instagram Livestream and due to the number of comments regarding 6ix9ine, he wanted to let the record reflect that he has nothing to actually say about it. 

"I don't care what's goin' on with him. That's his business. I don't care what he doin'," he said. "When I was goin' at it with him, everybody turned on me. Stopped playing my music. I went from getting shows every weekend and every week to no shows for a year."

He concluded by stating that the message to all the up-and-coming artists is to focus on your music and your career instead of BS. Because the BS will catch up to ya.