One of Brooklyn's resident speakers, Casanova, is under fire for his recent actions. As the world changes before our very eyes, it is difficult for some of us to give up our old ways of being. We don't know how long this coronavirus outbreak will last but, in order to flatten the curve, we must be vigilant in our everyday actions. That means washing our hands, staying indoors, and practicing social distancing. Rapper Casanova is very stubborn and decided to be a trouble-maker this weekend, shooting a video outside where he was clearly in the presence of friends and fans. His antics earned some harsh backlash online, which led the star to issue a statement.

"About four thousand to cut this grass," said Big Casanova while standing on the porch of his home in a video response. "As long as this grass needs cutting, as long as I got to pay child support, as long as I got to pay lawyer fees, I'm the fuck outside. I'm not violating corona. ... I'm working. I'm busy."

All of our lives have been affected by this global pandemic and, to be honest, it's pretty selfish to continue going about his daily regimen knowing full well that his actions are putting the lives of others at risk. Even though he is not likely to die from COVID-19, he could unknowingly pass it on to somebody who is immunosuppressed or at high risk by continuing to live as though we are not in an unprecedented health crisis. 

Do you think Casanova is in the wrong?