It has been just over five months since Casanova turned himself over to federal authorities and each day is agony for his wife, Jasmere Corbett, or Swaggy Jazzy. The rapper was named in an indictment against 18 alleged members of the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation Gang and has pleaded not guilty to conspiracy charges involving racketeering and distributing controlled substances, as well as firearm possession. The gang itself has been tacked with a litany of charges including the murder of a 15-year-old and fraud.

Casanova has repeatedly denied the allegations against him and Corbett has regularly taken to social media to share moments with her husband, even behind bars. Earlier today (May 7), Corbett shared a video of herself on social media where she spit a few bars about holding down her man as she pleads for his return.

“Even though this situation ugly, He ain’t run he just wanted to hug me!” she wrote in the caption that matches her lyrics. “Y’all know I had to do it one time for my baby." In the clip, Corbett rhymes, "I hope that you hearing this / Please don't shed a tear to this / 'Cause word to my period / I'mma visit monthly / I try not to lose my sanity / Please judge don't take away my family again / Not Again / Because if I can't break him out I'm breakin' in."

Watch Swaggy Jazzy express her feelings with a few bars below.