Carmelo Anthony was one of the most dynamic scorers in New York Knicks history and while he never brought the team a ring or very much playoff success, fans still have a relatively positive view of the former superstar. Since his time in New York, Melo has bounced around the league and even played 10 games with the Houston Rockets this year before they both decided to part ways. At 34 years old, it's clear that Anthony still wants to play basketball and compete at a high level, although that's all contingent on a team giving him a chance.

The Knicks are rumored to land Kevin Durant this summer and if they get the first overall pick, they'll most likely take Zion Williamson. With those two on the team, the Knicks could turn into a title contender which would be an interesting situation for Melo to go to. Anthony was asked about a potential return to the Knicks and while his answer wasn't a guarantee, he's definitely leaving a return to New York as an open possibility.

"I have to see what’s going on," Anthony told SNY. "You're asking the wrong person."

Would you want to see Carmelo on the Knicks again or would you rather he go somewhere else?