Those who are planning on checking out the Oklahoma City Thunder versus the New York Knicks tonight at Madison Square Garden should be in for quite a treat, as it marks hero-turned-villain Carmelo Anthony's return to the Big Apple and his first game against his former team. According to the star wingman, the occasion will undoubtedly hit him right in the feels.

According to the New York Post, Anthony is ready for an emotional return to NYC, where the Thunder will square off against an improved Knicks team that is being carried by the franchise's new cornerstone, Kristaps Porzingis. “I’m actually looking forward to just being back in there," he said of the fabled New York stadium, "playing in front of family, friends. Being back in the Garden is always special. I’m looking forward to that.’’ However, that doesn't mean there won't be strong emotions that well up inside of him either.

“Walking in there, it will be a little emotional,’’ Anthony continued. “From the standpoint, that’s home. Being back there and running out of the other side of the tunnel, seeing people who I became close to, seeing my family who I can’t see much now because I’m in Oklahoma City, seeing my wife. Having them there is very important.”

When asked about his time playing with the OKC forward, Porzingis had nothing but good things to say. “I think he was as professional as he could be in his time here in New York,’’ the big man remarked. “I don’t see why they wouldn’t receive him with love.”

The Thunder and Knicks tip off a little after 7:30 pm ET tonight.